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With the inclusion of a link to actually view the discussed movie--for FREE, no less--for the first time in Manor On Movies history, and the subsequent enormous leap over the usual two million hits each MOM receives, I was obviously "onto something" with the Frankenstein Island posting.

 As a result, I've decided to skip presenting another review this go-round, in favor of providing what scientists call "a whole lot" of links to previously reviewed-here junkfilms, once again allowing readers to enjoy a festival of funativity without spending a centavo.  

Image <--It's time to take in Time Walker

There is one caveat, however:  Each of these pics is presented on YouTube.  For those not in the know, that translates to two things.  First, print quality varies greatly.  And, C, movies have a tendency to come and go on YouTube, no notice or explanation given.  

On the plus side, by the time you read this, someone may have uploaded a better print than the one I provided a link to; so, if you're really jazzed about watching a particular film, you may want to perform a Search and see if that isn't the case with your selected mopic.  On the down side, you may click on a link and get el zippo, the desired doozy having gone MIA. Best move is to watch--or at least download--whatever strikes your fancy, like, pronto, Tonto.

Bear in mind, not EVERY film covered in Manor On Movies is among the following freebies.  But what the H-E-double-hockey-sticks, I'm saving you over a hundred bucks, so stifle yourself, meathead. Besides, do I come to where you work and tell, how to get paid better than a columnist?  

Think I might have done that wrong.  At any rate, here's the linkapalooza.  Oh, and be sure to Follow me on Twitter at @SWManor for a frequent dose of things youll like and much much less!


(FYI, links paired are that way because they refer to the same review, not due to sloppy webmasterizing.  So, there!)   Bloodsucking Freaks    Ilsa, She Wolf Of The SS     The Yesterday Machine    Raiders Of Atlantis   Kiss Me Quick       GREAT print   House On Bare Mountain     Hangar 18    Night Of The Bloody Apes       VG printImage     Weird World Of LSD     Rock Star      mediocre print

The Creeping Terror will attack your car if you don't like this column!-->    Time Walker 

The Creeping Terror     Night Of The Ghouls     Curse Of The Swamp Creature  

Herschell Gordon Lewis documentary   The Sender    VVG print   


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