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It's a junkfilm



 Stately Wayne Manor, the junkfilm junkie (in fact, he coined the term), brings his unique perspective to the world of offbeat films of all sorts.  


  (To view the review, click the spool, Yul.)

Image    The (Very) Astounding She Monster   [read]

Image   Don't be a dolt. That's not a cult (movie)  [read]

Image   Clegg:  Private (and public) dick  [read]Image

Image   The Unguarded Moment--Do teachers pet?  [read]

Image   Curse Of The Dead--The now-found "lost" Ed Wood movie!  [read]

Image   Beat On The Brat(s)  [read]

Image   Space Sirens Worth Admirin'  [read]

Image   Project Moon Base--The lunar, the better   [read]Image

Image   Sweet 16--FREE junkfilms for thee to see! [read]

Image   Frankenstein Island-- Gilligan never had it so good.   [read] 

Image   The Calamari Wrestler--Here's looking at you, squid.  [read] 

Image   Rocket Attack U.S.A.--bombs away!   [read]

Image  Godzilla Gits Gone Wild/

                        Yet More Hollywood Has Taught Us  [read]Image

Image   Take a walk on the mild side  [read]

Image   Sick Flicks To Ditch That Itch  [read]

Image   Ya don't need mods when you've got the bods

                        of The Doll Squad.  [read]

Image   Giving viewers some Latitude (Zero)  [read]

Image The Yesterday Machine:  Heil, though your heart

                         is breaking.  [read]

Image  Answer to your prayers:  The World's Greatest Sinner [read]

Image   Who needs Oakland?:  The Raiders Of Atlantis   [read]Image

Image   Savage Island--it's a jungle down there   [read]

Image   Sybil (Danning) War:  L.A. Bounty   [read]

Image   God Save The Scream Queens.  [read]

Image  Female Trouble...Divine intervention.  [read]

Image  It's Slime time!  Slime People meet the

                         Green Slime.  [read] 

Image  (almost) LIVE NUDE GIRLS!!!   [read]                

Image  Hangar 'round...for Hangar 18   [read]

Image  Samurai Cop--what a cut-up! [read]Image

Image  Kill Or Be Killed--that's an order.  [read]

Image  It's A Planet...and it's angry and red!!!   [read]

Image   Bloody Apes and bare babes  [read]

Image   Sincerely Yours...pianist enhancement.Image  [read]

Image    Even MORE Things Hollywood Has

                        Taught Us   [read]

Image   Blood Freak--talking turkey   [read] -------->

Image  Anna Nicole Smith takes it To The Limit  [read]

Image  The Ultimate Viewing Experience  [read]

Image  Get down with us and Down On Us. [read]Image

Image   Who's that ninny in New Guinea?   [read]

Image   Trip out to The Weird World Of LSD!   [read]

Image  Mark Wahlberg Rocks Out:  

                        You've been warned!  [read]

Image   Hollywood has taught us...Image

                        incredibly valuable lessons  [read]

Image  The Mummy And The Curse Of The

                         Jackal--not a double feature  [read]

Image  Take  your Time Walker   [read] ----------------------->

Image  The Golden Rules Of Scarepix  [read]

Image  The Last Days Of Planet Earth--shocking truth

                        finally revealed!Image   [read]

Image  A Baby Face only a mother could love   [read]

Image  Stately's all-time fave,

The Creeping Terror  [read] ------------------------->

Image  Mondo Keyhole and Homicidal--

                        all hail William Castle!  [read]

Image  The Holy Trinity Of Directordom-- Larry Buchanan

  Mahon, Wood and Buchanan, together at last-- [read]---->

Image  Bring on the Showgirls...need we say

                        any more?  [read]

Image  Herschell Gordon Lewis--

                        better than Jerry  [read]

Image  The A to Z on Alfred ZachariasImage  [read]

Image  We wuz robbed...

                        but not by the Scarlet Scorpion  [read]

Image  A Beach Double-Feach   [read]

Image  Return to Sender  [read]


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